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What's one of your favorite books?

Which one would you like us to read on Storytime with Miss Carra?


Watch Storytime with Miss Carra here:

Storytime with Miss Carra - YouTube

Just send us an email to: 

Write "I love this book" in the subject line.

Then, in a few short words, tell us which book you'd like to hear (and why) and we'll try to add it to our YouTube Channel!


Thanks for being a supporter of the Superhero Social Skills. 

We know you always do your best!

Hi Teachers!

(This includes Parents and Grandparents)

Here are the links for the FREE worksheets to accompany the books we read and write aloud! They are in PDF form, easily printed or downloaded.

(They cannot be opened with Google docs)

Delia Bread worksheets:

Eddison Pie worksheets:

And, of course, here's the link to Storytime with Miss Carra to hear books read aloud:


Carra Robertson

picture of Little Jimmy Sirloin

The Superhero Social Skills series is ideal to include in an elementary school curriculum, especially one that includes SEL (Social and Emotional Learning).

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