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About the Author


Carra Robertson

Aside from writing, Carra Robertson leads a passionate life working with special needs students by day. She’s also a researcher, blogger, photographer, and travel enthusiast. Carra has written in many genres and formats over the years, and she is thrilled to introduce Delia Bread as her maiden voyage into children’s literature. Carra is a member of the #sangen—the sandwich generation— those taking care of kids and parents simultaneously. She loves people, laughing loudly, hiking, game shows, her family, and her rescue mutt, Louie.

picture of Carra Robertson the author

About the Illustrator

Kelson Steele

Kelson Steele will soon be a graduate from the Arts and Animation program at California State University Northridge. Even while being a student, he’s been involved in several professional campaigns as an illustrator and animator. Kelson’s creative passion lies in character concept and design, and he aims to expand his freelance work into a fulltime career in Los Angeles. Drawing has been his life-long love along with music, cartoons, movies, clothing/fashion, and his Corgi, Margo.

picture of Kelson Steele the illustrator
kelson animated face.PNG
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